All of our guidelines, standards and technical information supporting our methodology, languages, etc., are available to clients on our business wiki Access Office.

The fact that a client login is now required for Access Office will cause problems for those who are not yet our cients(and thus have a login ID for the wiki). We've noticed a large number of Google hits on certain files. To be as helpful and open as possible, the most popular files are now co-located here:

Our Downloads

  • Joint Venture Agreement

    4XTRA is a joint venture and this is the constitution under which we have worked for years. It scores highly on Google searches, which surprises us as we thought it was only relevant to our situation, so we make it public.

    The joint venture is now a more casual arrangement for the three founding members, as circumstances have changed considerably over the years. However the JV document itself is still relevant and available, but the signatories on the download copy must be ignored

  • Confidentiality Agreement

    this is our standard agreement, based on years of working in the finance sector and has been signed without change by many major organisations, so we offer it as a good example

  • Service Agreements

    in these days of increasing bureaucratic burdens it is important to have clear agreements compatible with legislation such are IR35. This is an example of an agreement which has served us well from both sides of the divide for several years.

We offer these, without any proof or claim that they are superior to other documents, merely that they have worked for us and may help you, whoever you are.

4XTRA uses its own agile project methodology, with some elements derived from DSDM, eXtreme Programming, etc. We are always researching the latest project management techniques, and try to incorporate new useful ideas within our existing methodology.

Go to our blog for more information on our Agile Approach.

Open source software

We are enthusiastic supporters of the Open Source movement and make extensive use of many of such software projects. This is not an exhaustive list, but represents some of the more important ones: