Office Move

It is with some sadness that 4xtra announces that we will be moving out of Hamilton House

We've had offices there since 1987, firstly HMW Computing shared with System Intelligence in room 309, then as we expanded and SI moved out we took 402 as additional space. Being split across two floors wasn't convenient so we moved everyone to 211. Our continued expansion saw us move down to an even bigger suite in LG01. Changing circumstances - mainly working on site in Stockholm - required smaller accommodation, so we moved into 402 again, where 4xtra took its first steps as a formal Joint Venture, but as Hamilton House is an old building, asbestos insulation forced our move to LG06.

Our continuing drive to make ourselves a "virtual company" and a shifting client base have reduced the importance of Hamilton House to us, although we still continue to be members of the business club and to have a large amount of storage space there.It is actually this which has prompted the move. Although it is cheaper, strangely enough, for us to store equipment in Central London than to us the local self storage, they landlords (the Corporation of London) are changing the rules and want reclaim our storage areas. As we tend to meet clients in the Royal Society of Arts, or at the Institute of Directors and most of our work is conducted from home or on clients' sites, this reduces Hamilton House to just a mailing address

So, regretfully, we will be moving out over the summer, bringing to an end 24 years of being based in the City of London

None of our current services will be affected by this move