We've decided to take our own advice (and Albert Einstein's) "things should be as simple as possible, but no simpler" and to that end we've changed the structure of our websites

For a number of years we ran separate blogs on project methodologies, array languages and personal musings. The general result was that none of them got updated very often. Therefore we've decided to merge all of them into a single new blog Stonebell - it is still a work i progress as we set it up, but we hope that it will have more content, updated more frequently.

We've also reluctantly closed off two sites. References to 4xtraDs, our dealing system are a little out of date. While the code is still used as the platform for many of our current products, it is no longer being sold as a separate product. The wealth of tools and utilities it contains are still extremely valuable and the application platform is priceless to us, but it is pure nostalgia if we keep on referring to 4xtraDs as a live system in its own right. You can rest assured that any product which we mention will have a large amount of code inherited from our most successful system.

While we are still enthusiasts for portable applications - personally I believe the Windows Registry to be a great mistake - we aren't selling Appsdrives (USB flash drives with pre-installed portable software) any more, simply because we feel it is now so easy for everyone to set one up that we will only be in the way, so to speak. If you still want help with configuring one, then we hare happy to help, but as part of another project not as a distinct hardware product.

The main menu was formerly only by means of an elegant CSS-only "fly out" menu - it may have been elegant, but was not very helpful when accessing from a mobile browser, so we've added a top menu too.

Finally, some pages of this site have been revised, as has the navigation. It's been around since 1996, so we used to have news feeds, calendar widgets and all manner of oddities, which we feel are unnecessary nowadays. All of this clutter has been cleared away.

We hope that these changes will enable us to focus on our software development side and to update our sites in a more timely fashion