4xtraDs - dealing system

In 1986/87 HMW Computing jointly developed with Midland Bank (now part of the HSBC group) a Foreign Exchange Dealing System called MID4X. From this experience we produced 4XTRA and our first customer was Midland Bank (who bought it to replace the prototype system and REMOS). Further developments added Loans and Deposits (1990), FRAs (1991) and Futures (1993) modules.The system continues to be developed to the present day.

Now known as 4xtraDS,it now boasts an impressive range of facilities:

  • Scalability from 1 to 250 workstations
  • Deal volumes in excess of 7000 per day, over 1600+ trading positions
  • Geographically distributed Multi-site capability
  • Fail-safe background and batch processes with automatic recovery (for example after power cuts) requiring little or no operator intervention
  • User configurable displays, with full export to print, csv and xml formats
  • Integration with Reuters and EBS feeds, etc.
  • CLS capability

In 1999 HMW allied itself with several of the companies which had been providing assistance in supporting and developing the 4XTRA dealing system. From this point the Joint Venture became known as 4xtra and the dealing system as 4xtraDS

4xtraDS manuals and overview documentation are available on line for our clients.

AN overview of the system can be downloaded in our 4xtraDs brochure