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Our full range of Hosting services is sufficiently comprehensive that we supply then via EveriWare our specialist Internet solutions provider. In brief we offer three levels of hosting:


This is our entry level package, which includes domain name registration, design and hosting of a web site with probably five to ten pages. Our aim is to keep your options as clear as possible - the real cost lies in setting up and maintaining your website, not in the number of basic facilities or features it has. Announcement sites are suitable for organisations which primarily need a presence on the Internet as a marketing or contact tool.


Although many web sites start with simple announcements, in time other uses which require more feedback from the user become important. It might be necessary to restrict access to the information to known subscribers or to enable feedback by adding an on-line form. These requirements culminate in fully fledged e-commerce enabled on-line shopping systems, which give the opportunity to market the company and sell its products 24 hours a day.


Many businesses require access to central company data at different sites, or by salesmen, drivers and engineers on the move. They will need access to calendars, be able to read and write emails, share documents in an ad-hoc way. EveriWare provides a set of flexible and secure solutions including: web e-mail; diaries; timesheets; task lists; invoicing; and CRM.

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Details of our hosting packages may be downloaded in our Everiware web hosting brochure