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Our Consultants have many years of experience in the financial business area. We offer comprehensive coverage, from: project management; analysis and design; and programming. Additionally we offer training in a number of general fields and provide a 24x7 support service for several of our clients. Close association with demanding trading floor environments has helped us develop a culture of commitment used to a regime of 24-hour, 7 day a week, callout and aggressive delivery schedules.

Agile methods are used to deliver early returns for minimum investment by producing and implementing working solutions at the earliest opportunity according to business priorities. Our approach is to implement solutions that have a minimum impact on existing practices, but which can be swiftly tailored to respond to the inevitable changes in business activity and market climates. Robust and stable solutions are achieved using the rigorous techniques of internationally recognized quality standards.

We will are about to obtain ISO 9000 certification of all our products and services.

We use a well-rounded system of development tools and methods, refined for over 25 years, to produce high quality products and solutions. Our consultancy team can supply expertise in practically any field our client require and close ties with our associates enable us to field a wide range of skills and expertise not normally available to in-house IT departments. We can provide your organization with resources for:

  • Business and Systems analysis: also including GUI design, workshop facilitation; change control; system testers, etc.
  • Project management: while we prefer the advantages of agile development we are also comfortable with waterfall and other pre-specification approaches.
  • Programming services: our emphasis is on prototyping, iterative and evolutionary systems development, using dynamic languages such as PERL, PHP, Ruby, Java and APL.
  • Network and Facilities management: please see our Services page.

Please feel free to download our consultancy services brochure