Agile Toolkit

We supply a suite of tools and utilities designed to provide a framework for Agile projects. These enable the developers to concentrate on delivering a solution to the clients' problems, not re-establishing basic facilities with every system. They can be used independently, but together build into a powerful and flexible development environment.
A set of developer tools, providing edit, search, automatic grouping facilities, etc. Designed specifically for the APL language.
A change control and configuration management suite. Designed to work with Maya, but capable of interfacing with other systems.
An easy to use design tool for developers. Using text based control files, a developer can structure a set of menus, tool bars, navigation buttons (as on the left of this web page), help windows and status fields for an application. Further tools provide a means of rapidly generating the GUI for a system. A simple protocol provides links to application specific code.
A task control system, capable of scheduling batch and real-time tasks over one or more networks PCs. Actions can be set to events (specific times, arrival of data files, etc.). Full task sequencing, concurrency and dependency can easily be configured. Other features include automatic check-point restarting, real-time backups of on-line data, etc.
A generalized database table editor. All data is maintained in simple standard files using an XML compliant format. New files can be imported, recognised and maintained automatically.

Project Management

We use our own project life-cycle management tools and supply them to our clients
EveriWare ISO 9000
A wiki-based ISO 9000 compliant system for project management. Designed to be lightweight and suitable for use with agile developments. It has a full range of facilities from requirements and data definitions, incident and change management, to time-sheets and invoicing.

Education Products

We have also provide a number of software products specifically for educational institutions
Internet based email client aimed specifically at school children and teachers. It has content filtering and anti-bullying monitoring together with calendars, to-do lists, etc.
Schools Information Database
SID is similar to the popular SIMS, but more flexible and available at a much lower price.
Parental communications auite. Enabling schools to issue letters, term repots and sho on. Parents can maintain contact details, medical information and authroise school trips, etc. LettersHome greatly reduces the "satchel stuffing" exercise that teacher normally have to perform.